Another important product for the Astea ecosystem is its NFT Marketplace. The primary motivation behind this marketplace is to foster the creativity of skilled players and engage them in enhancing the game's visual aspects. By providing a platform for talented individuals to contribute their artistic creations, Astea aims to improve the overall gaming experience and empower players to shape the game's aesthetics.

Types of Collections

The NFT Marketplace in Astea will primarily feature a wide range of NFT collections, including Coats of Arms, Heroes, Worlds, Equipment, Mounts, and more, which are integral to the in-game assets. This marketplace serves as a seamless bridge between players and the game, allowing for easy access and interaction. Furthermore, it provides an avenue for players to participate in community voting for the best collections, fostering a sense of community engagement and empowerment.

Additionally, the NFT Marketplace offers opportunities for third-party projects to showcase their own collections. By leveraging Astea's player base and their regular engagement in purchasing NFT assets, these projects can gain access to a large and active audience. This integration of third-party collections enhances the diversity and appeal of the marketplace, providing players with a wider selection of NFT assets to explore and acquire.

$AQUA and the Marketplace

$AQUA holders and NFT owners can vote for their favorite collections, which helps increase their rankings. The marketplace offers NFT collections of in-game assets, with payment and artist fees in $AQUA. Community voting also influences the inclusion of collections in "lootboxes" that contain random NFTs. External projects may use USDT as the payment currency for their NFT collections.

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