bAQUA token

bAQUA is the token through which players receive all in-game rewards, including those from outposts, political gameplay, and zero-sum mechanics. It can be used for various in-game actions and the purchase of non-unique items, similar to $AQUA tokens.

However, it's important to note that bAQUA cannot be transferred and cannot be used to acquire unique NFTs within the game. This restriction ensures that the focus remains on prioritizing genuine players over flippers and bots, encouraging active participation in the gaming and social aspects rather than solely focusing on earning.

bAQUA to $AQUA transition

bAQUA rewards earned by players gradually convert to $AQUA tokens over time at a rate measured in Annual Percentage Rate (%APR). The conversion rate increases based on the duration of continuous holding of the tokens. This means that the longer a player keeps their rewards without withdrawing them, the higher the conversion rate becomes, allowing them to convert more rewards into AQUA.

The initial conversion rate starts at 100% APR, which enables the player to convert 6% of their bAQUA into $AQUA each month. However, if the player chooses not to withdraw their tokens to their wallet for a period of 6 months, their conversion rate will increase to 500% APR. At this rate, they will be able to convert 16% of their available bAQUA into $AQUA every month.

$AQUA and bAQUA tokens are stored within the Astea smart contract assigned to the user's account until they decide to withdraw the funds to their personal wallet.

$AQUA withdrawal to wallet

When users convert their bAQUA rewards to AQUA, they can use them in the game or withdraw them to their wallet. Withdrawn AQUA tokens are immediately accessible and can be traded on exchanges.

Upon withdrawal, the converted bAQUA is divided: 25% remains in the user's account, while 75% is locked in an annual vesting period. During vesting, the tokens cannot be used. However, they unlock gradually at a rate of 100% APR. Once unlocked, the user receives liquid AQUA.

Rewards unlocking

Players have the ability to unlock their locked bAQUA rewards either fully or at an accelerated pace by engaging in specific in-game activities.

This can be achieved through various means such as:

  • Utilizing the NFT Hero of an AQUA-Priest class.

  • Using relevant NFT items

  • Completing specific unlock quests

  • Utilizing available bAQUA to boost the unlock rates.

Details will be provided later.

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