Knights and Lords

Important note: Stake-to-play will be integrated in Q4 2024. Before that, Astea only has a free-to-play mode and all players can receive rewards.



As a Knight, the player starts without ownership of an Estate and has limited warehouses for resources and units. Unlike Lords, Knights are not immortal, and death results in the loss of all resources and units in the Capital's warehouses.

In recognition of exceptional service to the Empire, Knights cannot receive a permanent Estate as a reward. However, they have the opportunity to temporarily acquire a Coat of Arms by staking a reduced amount and obtaining an NFT Coat of Arms, allowing them to access stake-to-play (s2p) benefits.

Knights can utilize in-game analogues of NFT Heroes and Equipment, but using these assets carries the risk of irretrievable loss during gameplay. NFT assets are not accessible to Knights. Additionally, Knights face limitations, including a low FYRE margin. To increase their FYRE value, free-to-play (f2p) players must continuously burn non-tokenized NFT assets obtained from PvP and PvE events.

Before acquiring a Coat of Arms or a Gen0 Hero, Knights do not have a Rank and cannot join a Guild or Alliance. However, they can gain corporate benefits by joining an in-game Faction, controlled by AI, which provides organizational bonuses for faction-related activities performed by individual players.



The Noble Lord possesses an ancestral Estate in the Capital, which serves as their permanent and secure property. This Estate serves as their residence, headquarters, and starting point for venturing into the Inner Worlds. It can be upgraded, rebuilt, and personalized according to their preferences.

Upon minting the NFT Coat of Arms, the Lord is granted an initial FYRE value, which increases based on the size and duration of their stake. Additionally, the Lord receives tokenized rewards, including the $AQUA token, from the reward pool for play-to-earn (P2E) activities. These rewards can include randomly generated NFTs such as Heroes, Equipment, upgrades, and other usable NFTs.

Unlike non-tokenized analogues of gaming assets used by free-to-play (f2p) players, NFTs owned by the Lord can only be destroyed by their owner through token burning. Non-consumable NFT Equipment can be recharged using $AQUA by burning tokens. Unlike Knights, the Lord possesses a Rank corresponding to their title and FYRE value. This rank is an upgradable game indicator that influences various aspects of the game. As the Lord's rank increases, greater opportunities for development and profit-making become available.

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