$AQUA token

The main trade token of the ecosystem

$AQUA serves as the primary trading token within the Astea ecosystem, connecting all its products and acting as the main resource in the game.

A notable characteristic of the $AQUA token is that its issuance is solely determined by the in-game purchases made by players. For more comprehensive information, refer to the Tokenomics section.


  1. Fuel for various in-game actions such as restoring, improving, moving, breeding NFT Heroes, constructing special buildings, funding political wars, and crafting equipment and vehicles.

  2. Means of exchange for in-game resources and NFT assets. All transactions conducted in the central or spontaneous in-game markets are carried out using $AQUA. Additionally, new collections introduced to the in-game marketplace are auctioned using $AQUA.

  3. Betting tool in matches that operate on zero-sum mechanics. In these matches, the winner receives the loser's bet, which is backed by $AQUA.

  4. Can be burned in exchange for bonuses.

How to get:

  1. Centralized purchase for USDT: $AQUA can be obtained through centralized purchases using USDT. The availability and pricing of these purchases depend on factors such as the specific time period, purchase limits, and the number of burned tokens at that time.

  2. In-game rewards. Players can earn bAQUA tokens as rewards through various in-game activities. These activities include capturing posts, defeating bosses, seizing enemy resources, providing services, renting, or winning events. These earned bAQUA tokens can then be converted into $AQUA. Further details can be found in the Rewards section.

  3. Staking AQUA. By staking $AQUA tokens, owners can contribute to the staking pool. In return, they receive income proportionate to their contribution within the staking pool.

  4. Buying AQUA on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

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