NFT Worlds

100 exclusive NFT Worlds

NFT-Worlds are unique spaces within the Astea infrastructure that allow owners to create a "game within the game" experience. Owning an NFT-World grants access to developing in-game activities, similar to the Roblox model, and enables owners to profit from player activity.

For example, an NFT-World owner can create a world with casino mechanics, gladiatorial battles, or a bookmaker's office, where the owner receives all the income generated. Additionally, NFT-World owners have the option to rent out their worlds to other players and earn a majority share of the income from the games organised within.

This means that an NFT-World owner can delegate asset management rights to another player and earn profits based on their activities and success. The world can be rented out as a whole or as separate territories, each with different characteristics and value tailored to players with different strategies.

Owning an NFT-World offers several advantages, including:

  1. Organising gaming activities: NFT-World owners have the opportunity to create and organise various gaming activities within their World. This could include events, quests, challenges, and more, providing an engaging and interactive experience for players.

  2. Profiting from gaming activities: NFT-World owners can generate income from the gaming activities organised within their World. They can earn revenue through in-game transactions, entry fees, virtual goods sales, and other monetisation methods.

  3. Access to developer tools: NFT-World owners have access to developer tools and resources, allowing them to customise and enhance their World's gameplay, graphics, mechanics, and overall user experience. This provides flexibility and creative control over the NFT-World's design and functionality.

  4. Benefits for Guilds and Alliances: NFT-World owners can offer special benefits and privileges to Guilds and Alliances within their World. This may include exclusive access to certain areas, resources, bonuses, or unique gameplay features, fostering community engagement and collaboration.

  5. Leasing options: NFT-World owners have the option to lease their entire NFT-World or specific assets within it to other players. This allows them to generate additional income by renting out virtual spaces, territories, or specialised areas for specific purposes, such as shops, arenas, or residential areas.

Production and passive income

NFT-World owners can lease territories within their World, earning a substantial portion of the profit from the lease and delegated activities. They can personally construct objects in their World, receiving a greater share of the profit compared to renting similar objects to other players.

Owners have the ability to build infrastructure objects that can be utilised by all players or specific Guild/Alliance members. These objects include factories, logistics hubs, casinos, warehouses, resorts, training camps, and various real estate assets.

Base for Alliances

NFT-Worlds revolutionize Alliance management by providing access to advanced tools typically reserved for developers. The owning Alliance gains the ability to customize the appearance of their units, create internal products, factions, and events within the World, and more. The NFT-World can be owned by either the leader Guild or the entire Alliance collectively through a treasury.

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