Hero Classes

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Hero Utility

Heroes in the game can serve as the player's followers or avatars, allowing the player to control them and issue commands in the Inner World.

Heroes possess advanced AI, enabling combat Heroes to make independent tactical and strategic decisions based on the given orders.

Additionally, NFT Heroes are immortal like players, as they respawn in the Capital and fully recover within a day if killed in the Inner Worlds.


The class of a Hero in the game determines their specialization and is responsible for their starting attributes, class abilities, and bonuses.


The Admiral, mentored by Ektil, Dreamer of the Abyss, is a strategically important and highly experienced military specialist in PvP and PvE gameplay.

With advanced AI in logistics and routing, the Admiral enables autonomous functioning and secure transportation of resources and $AQUA to the player's Outpost and Portals to the Capital. Without the Admiral, the player would need to personally ensure transportation safety.

The Admiral's increased sight radius enhances decision-making during attacks, and bonuses to movement speed and damage benefit mechanized and transport units. Additionally, units led by the Admiral can cross Inner World borders without using Portals.


The General, under the guidance of Anakritus, the Reviving Executioner, is a powerful warrior with a connection to nature spirits.

He plays a crucial role in attacking players and NPCs, as well as defending outposts and player fortresses. With advanced AI in troop micromanagement, the General excels in making tactical and strategic decisions, such as setting up ambushes, flanking maneuvers, and timely retreats.

Units led by the General possess increased damage, the ability to bypass certain terrain obstacles during movement, and the temporary ability to cross the boundary between life and death.


The Lady, belonging to the Order of the Sisters of Eidothea, Mistress of Beauty and Wrath, harnesses the energy of life through her soul and channels it through her body.

As a support hero, she provides beneficial auras to units and reduces cooldown abilities of other Heroes. Additionally, she possesses spells that allow her to control the enemy army, such as limiting movement speed, creating obstacles, and reducing damage.

n the Capital, Lady enhances the recovery speed of all Heroes, making her an essential component in breeding NFT heroes with inherited class, skills, traits, and indicators.

Aqua priest

The Aqua Priest serves Crocea, the Composer of the Ocean, and possesses the ability to sense and manipulate the conductor of the World Soul, known as $AQUA.

As a mage hero, their primary role is to locate and convert bAQUA into regular $AQUA. The Aqua Priest has the unique ability to automatically detect bAQUA clusters throughout the game world, whether they are in deposits, on characters, vehicles, or buildings. Their sensing capability extends beyond line of sight, allowing them to perceive bAQUA through the landscape and fortifications.

In the Inner World, the Aqua Priest can construct a Meditation Capsule, which gradually converts bAQUA into usable $AQUA. The productivity of this conversion process increases over time as long as the Aqua Priest is not given other orders and the Capsule remains undamaged.

Furthermore, the Aqua Priest possesses a set of powerful spells that can only be recharged while meditating in the Capsule. This grants them combat potential for self-defense, large-scale offensives, and defense of the Outpost.


The Viceroy serves Kaillor, the Light Evincer, and strives for excellence through spiritual practices and mastery in management, persuasion, and organization.

Within the Outpost, the Viceroy takes charge of giving orders to idle units and assigning units and vehicles for resource and $AQUA transportation when certain thresholds are met. They also oversee timely improvements and expansions of production.

However, the Viceroy's main advantage lies in occupied Outposts governed by NPCs. With sufficient military strength, the Viceroy can peacefully take control of such Outposts and direct the NPCs to fulfill specific tasks, such as resource extraction, guarding trade routes, or raiding other players. These Outposts do not require FYRE for maintenance but cannot produce or construct anything independently, relying solely on the capabilities of the occupying NPCs.


The Agent serves Zoer, the All-seeing Chrysostom, possessing a perceptive mind and nimble body that allows them to go unnoticed.

As a PvP hero, the Agent is adept at uncovering secrets and targeting invulnerable enemies. They have an expanded field of view that remains unobscured by landscape elements, walls, and buildings.

Agents' Ai allows them to excel at automatic reconnaissance of territories and alerting the Player and other Heroes of potential dangers. If the Agent detects an enemy Hero and believes they can eliminate them without being noticed, they will take action. Agents strike with precision and strength, receiving a damage bonus when they remain hidden from the enemy's sight.

In the Capital, Agents can engage in certain PvP options, such as eliminating Heroes within the Capital or sabotaging Estates.


Mentats are alchemists, scientists, and devoted students of Giheim, the Mirror of the World. Their minds possess the ability to manipulate the hidden structure of things, performing mystical transformations of matter and energy.

This Hero grants bonuses to the production speed of Stations, has the power to convert resources into temporary buffs for units, and can create a Transmutation Station. The Transmutation Station enables the conversion of resources from one type to another, provided they are at the same technological level.

In cases where there is a shortage of specific resources during production or processing, the Mentat can automatically address the shortage by utilizing the Transmutation Station.

In the Capital, the Mentat bestows significant bonuses to the production of NFT Equipment and Stations. Additionally, they enable the player to create limited-use copies of NFT Blueprints.

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