NFT Astea Heroes

Why do you need them?

Astea Heroes offer advantages based on their class:

  • They decrease the time required to earn in-game currency.

  • They enable players to expand their ownership of in-game assets.

  • They facilitate the creation of new generations of NFT Heroes and equipment.

Player character

Players have control over Heroes, which are NFT characters organized into a deck that suits their preferred playstyle. Each Hero possesses distinctive visual features and various attributes, including their class, which determines their role in the game, rarity, statistics, abilities, breeding potential, needs, and additional secondary information.

Possibilities and Limitations

Heroes require FYRE heat to operate in the Inner Worlds. Each Hero has its own specific FYRE requirement. Heating can be done directly by allocating a portion of the player's available FYRE to a Hero or through a heated location. The number of Heroes that can safely utilize a heated territory depends on the amount of FYRE allocated for heating.

For instance, a territory heated by 5 FYRE can accommodate multiple Heroes and troops as long as their total FYRE requirement does not exceed 5. If the number of Heroes and troops surpasses the allowable level, a random unit will be vulnerable to monster attacks until it either perishes or relocates to a heated area. Multiple players can heat the same location.

Furthermore, Heroes have various needs that demand the player's attention and specific actions to ensure the optimal performance of these NFT characters.


Stamina is a resource within the game that is stored in a smart contract and is consumed while a Hero is in the Inner Worlds. When the stamina reserve is depleted, the Hero cannot enter the Inner World. If a Hero enters the Inner World with exhausted stamina, their characteristics will be significantly reduced.

Stamina can be restored gradually over time or instantly using $AQUA. The Hero retains all their abilities and game experience, resumes their previous activities once stamina is replenished, and can also be sold on any NFT marketplace.

Zero generation

Gen-0 Heroes, also known as Heroes of the zero generation, do not experience the limitations faced by their descendants. The main distinction is that Gen-0 Heroes possess unlimited stamina, allowing them to remain in the Inner Worlds for an indefinite period of time without stamina depletion.

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