SPICE In-game Utility

$SPICE is a token of political power and diplomacy. It is designed for a large-scale game: at the level of Factions and Alliances.

The circulation of $SPICE inside the game provides gamification of social engineering, political intrigues and power struggles. This makes the political life of Astea intense and constantly evolving.

Multiverse gas

Avatars and resources can be transferred between multiverse projects using the $SPICE token.

  • Players use recourses from other projects in the multiverse to craft special instruments and equipment.

  • $SPICE is gas that is used by players to send an avatar to another game or transfer the resources they have extracted to Astea.

  • A single interproject ecosystem dramatically multiplies the audience of projects. Player clans expand their influence on the lands of other projects, farmers develop export-oriented productions, and alliances design extensive quests for leveling up and extracting resources in other games in an effort to outpace their competitors.

Land renting

  • Territories in the Astea's gaming space can be rented for a fixed period of time as part of the $SPICE auction between Alliances. Those who control the territory, receive all it’s commissions and taxes in $AQUA.

  • The rental period depends on the location of the territory: the closer to the center of the map, the shorter the rental period. Territories on the outskirts can be rented out for a year.

  • The leased land is in the inalienable use of the Alliance. This land can be attacked, it can be plundered, but it will belong to the Alliance.

  • Players and Guilds can settle in the territories of the Alliance by joining it. All commissions and taxes in resources and $AQUA paid by these players are transferred to the treasury of the Alliance.

Alliance Management

  • $SPICE staking is used by Guilds to get votes in the Alliance DAO

  • Using $SPICE, Guilds can offer bribes for certain votes in the DAO of the Alliance or Faction, which are proportionally distributed among those who voted.

  • To create an offer in the DAO of an Alliance or Faction, a Guild or an individual holder must have a certain amount of $SPICE staked.

  • Using $SPICE, the Alliance can create quests for players: resource extraction, logistics, production, NPC and player elimination. In exchange, Alliance can provide resources, $AQUA and experience for players. The awarded experience is proportional to the $SPICE spent on the quest.

  • $SPICE is used as collateral when concluding diplomatic and trade agreements between Alliances. If the agreement is violated, the $SPICE of the violating party is withdrawn and transferred to the other party. If the agreement is terminated by mutual consent, the $SPICE deposit is returned to both parties.

  • An alliance can declare war on another Alliance and spend $SPICE. The spent $SPICE is converted into additional experience for the players fighting on its’ side. So, the Alliance can attract more warriors and Guilds to its side.

  • The head of the Alliance can use the entire $SPICE staked by Alliance members to vote in the Faction DAO.

Faction Management

  • Each Faction has its own power structure. Alliances and Guilds can nominate their candidates for positions in the Faction using their votes in the Faction's DAO.

  • The position is occupied by a certain candidate by weighted randomness. So, a candidate with 90% of the votes will get a position with a 90% probability, and a candidate with 10% of the votes has a 10% probability.

  • The occupation of a factional position by an Alliance representative provides bonuses to the entire Alliance, depending on the nature of the position.

  • Those holding the position manage certain aspects of the Faction by being the only ones who can make proposals in Faction DAO.

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