NFT-CoA Counselor

50 manually drawn NFTs

The Counselors' Coat-of-Arms is an NFT that grants owners the ability to create Alliances in Astea. It can be obtained personally or through the Guild treasury. The benefits of ownership apply to the owner's Guild and extend to all Guilds in the Alliance.

When creating an Alliance, the Guild becomes the leader of this Alliance.

Benefits for the leader Guild of the Alliance include:

  • Creating Alliances, thus participating in Politics and Territory Seizure in the Capital.

  • Generating votes through the Alliance's DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

  • Zero commission for trading and exchanging on the Astea's NFT marketplace.

  • Networking opportunities with the Astea team for advertising, promotions, and consultations.

  • Creating and installing unique colored Alliance cosmetic effects, which are available to all Guilds in the Alliance.

Benefits for all Guilds in the Alliance include:

  • Equipping the Alliance's cosmetic effects.

  • Participating in political Quests to gain Influence and seize territories.

  • Sharing rewards from occupied territories, determined during Alliance creation and subject to DAO voting.

  • Sharing rewards after completing Global Events.

If a Guild in an Alliance (other than the leader) owns the Counselors' Coat of Arms, it gains the right to veto DAO votes within the Alliance.

Owners of the Counselors' Coat of Arms also have opportunities to participate in partner programs and joint projects with Astea on the native blockchain.

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