The Capital

The Capital in Astea serves as a centralized and secure hub for players, where violent player-versus-player (PvP) encounters are not allowed. It functions as the economic, industrial, and political center of the New Empire. Players gather in the capital to prepare for their expeditions into the Inner Worlds and engage in strategic competition for control over different areas within the capital itself.


An Estate refers to a player's territory within the Capital. It serves as a location where players can store their resources, house their units and heroes, and manage their assets. The estate can be developed, upgraded, and expanded using a diverse range of resources obtained from the Inner Worlds. By investing resources and effort into their estate, players can enhance its capabilities and create a thriving base of operations within the Capital.

An Estate is connected with player's NFT Coat-of-Arms. Upon selling or transferring CoA, Estate is transferred as well.


Astea features an integrated in-game exchange seamlessly connected to the NFT Marketplace. This exchange serves as a platform for players to engage in buying and selling various in-game assets such as Stations, Units, Heroes, Equipment, Blueprints, and Coats of Arms. Furthermore, players can utilize the exchange to establish contracts related to resource extraction, unit production, station construction, and even lease NFT Heroes to other Guilds and players.

The primary currency utilized on the exchange is $AQUA, providing a unified medium of exchange for transactions within the Astea ecosystem.


Within the Capital, there are diverse industrial structures available for utilization. Through the expenditure of $AQUA, players and Guilds have the opportunity to rent production lines, enabling efficient and secure processing and crafting of resources. Additionally, these production lines facilitate the creation of Equipment and Stations based on NFT Blueprints.

Rent payments for these facilities are directed to the controlling Alliance controlling for the specific area where the industrial building is located.


Guilds in Astea can partake in diverse PvE and PvP activities, earning Influence that determines territorial control in the Capital.


The New Empire presents various types of quests to representatives of the Alliance in Astea. These quests can be undertaken by any member of the Guild within the Alliance that has received the quest. Upon completion, Influence is rewarded to the entire Alliance.

Examples of quests include:

  • Expelling a representative of another Guild from the Inner World.

  • Donating a specific amount of Resources or Units.

  • Taking control of a designated territory in the Capital.

  • Paying a certain number of commissions for a particular activity.

  • Creating specific items and buildings based on NFT Blueprints.

  • Providing an NFT Hero of a specific class for a designated period of time.

  • and more

User-created quests

Guild leaders with sufficient veSPICE can create quests using a smart contract structure, defining tasks and rewards. These quests can be used to solve complex and dangerous challenges with the help of players, for tasks that are beyond the capabilities of regular units.

These quests serve various purposes, including trade, diplomacy, organizing piracy, defense, group raids, and ambushes involving Guild members and mercenaries. They are also used for espionage and sabotage during secret quests.

In contrast to regular quests, secret quests are conducted through ZK transactions. In secret quests, both parties remain anonymous and share only the information required to complete the quest. Leaders invisibly manage the balance of powers, eliminate opponents, earn taxes and loot, while players complete tasks and receive set rewards.

The wide-ranging capabilities of the quest constructor allow players to create massive open quests or set requirements for players: leveling requirements, membership in a certain group, and more. Loot can be directed to the quest originator, participating players, or divided in certain proportions. Quest chains and more are also part of the settings.

Global events

Global events are quests that are simultaneously known to all Alliances in Astea. Each Alliance has the opportunity to contribute to the completion of these quests, and upon completion, the prize pool is shared among the participating Alliances based on their respective contributions. These events can have temporary or permanent consequences for the game.

Here are some examples of global events:

  • Imperial Tender: Alliances are required to donate specific resources until a predetermined target value is reached. Upon completion, a new building emerges in the Capital.

  • Public Holiday: Alliances contribute resources from a particular World. Following the completion of the quest, the commission for certain activities becomes zero for a week.

  • A New Development: Alliances must maintain control over Places of Power in the Inner Worlds for a specified retention time. Upon achievement, a new NFT Blueprint becomes available in the game, and members of participating Guilds can purchase it at a discounted rate based on their contribution.

Territory control in the Capital

The Capital is comprised of multiple Areas, each containing Players' Estates, NPC residences, markets, industrial buildings, libraries, academies, and other structures related to player activities.

Alliances have the opportunity to gain control over territories within the Capital through an ongoing auction system. If an Alliance holds the highest Influence rate, the territory gradually falls under its control. Once an Alliance controls more than 50% of a territory, a specific building within that Area becomes controlled by the Alliance. This grants the Alliance profits derived from player activity or a share of the project revenue distribution.

Each Alliance has an Influence limit proportional to its veSPICE holdings. If an Alliance's Influence exceeds this limit, it gradually decays until it equals the limit. Therefore, the more Influence an Alliance wishes to accumulate, the more veSPICE it must possess.

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