AQUA Rewards


When players utilize $AQUA tokens in the game, each token contributes to the reward pool. These funds are then distributed on a weekly basis according to the following allocation:

  • 33% of the funds are allocated as weekly rewards for capturing outposts. Players who successfully capture outposts in the game will receive a share of this portion of the reward pool.

  • Another 33% of the funds are set aside in the treasure fund. These funds are reserved for future tournaments, events, and development within Astea. They will be utilized to enhance the gaming experience and support the growth of the game.

  • 23% of the funds are designated as staking rewards. Players who participate in staking $AQUA tokens and contribute to the staking pool will receive a portion of this allocation as their staking rewards.

  • The remaining 11% of the funds are burned. This means that these tokens are permanently removed from circulation, reducing the overall supply of $AQUA tokens and potentially increasing their value over time.

By distributing the reward pool in this manner, Astea aims to incentivize gameplay, support ongoing development, foster community engagement through tournaments and events, provide staking rewards to token holders, and contribute to a deflationary mechanism through token burning.

Token bAQUA

Players are rewarded with the bAQUA token for their in-game accomplishments. While bAQUA functions similarly to $AQUA within the game, it cannot be transferred between players. However, players have the ability to convert bAQUA into $AQUA through specific in-game actions or by initiating the vesting process.

Weekly Rewards

Сore survive-to-earn mechanic ensures that rewards are distributed to players based on their capture and retention of outposts or fortresses. The amount of reward received is determined by the duration that a player holds these locations during the week, relative to the total duration held by all players.

For example, let's consider a scenario where there are 10 outposts on the map. Throughout the week, certain players continuously control these outposts. If a specific player holds one outpost for 10 hours and another outpost for 70 hours, their share in the reward pool would be calculated as follows: (10+70)/(24*7*10) * 100% = 4.76%.

Suppose a total of 10,000 $AQUA tokens were used by players in a week. In this case, the player from the example would receive a reward of 10,000 * 33% * 4.76% = 157 b$AQUA tokens per week.

A fortress generates four times more income than an outpost. The income generated from holding a fortress is distributed according to the distribution order established within the guild.

Treasury tournament and development fund

Tournaments and events engage players and offer prize pools funded by $AQUA tokens from the treasury. Prize distribution methods vary, and specific details will be announced in the game and Astea's social channels. These activities enhance player engagement and provide more opportunities to earn rewards.


$AQUA and bAQUA token holders have the option to stake their tokens and receive a portion of in-game commissions as rewards. The amount of income a user receives is determined by their stake in the total staking pool and the quantity of $AQUA and bAQUA tokens players have utilized during the previous week. Staking rewards are distributed as bAQUA tokens.

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