$SPICE token

$SPICE token— Astea’s governance token.

A separate token allows players to own and manage the infrastructure of the project and influence its political life.

The SPICE token also serves as a tool to move the avatar and resources between projects within the multiverse.

Thus, strategic gameplay centered around social engineering, territorial control and political intrigue is tied to $SPICE, and creates synergy with RPG-sandbox gameplay tied to $AQUA.



  • Gaining influence: Staking gives votes in the DAO of Factions and Alliances. Only the stakers make historical decisions in the game and manage the project.

  • Increasing influence: the greater the duration and size of the stake, the more votes the owner of $SPICE gets.

  • Earning rewards: Projects and people can give out $SPICE bribes for voting in the DAO.

  • Obtaining political positions in DAO Factions: officials solve political issues, receive salaries and their share of taxes in $AQUA and $SPICE.

  • Passive income: the token emission is distributed only among $SPICE stakers.


  • Avatars and resources can be transferred between multiverse projects using the $SPICE token.

  • Receiving dividends and game commissions through auctions of game territories.

  • Creating strong diplomatic agreements: $SPICE acts as collateral. If one of the parties violates the agreement, its $SPICE collateral goes to the other party.

  • Creation of PvE and PvP quests for others: The creator of the quest receives resources and fighters from the players. Players receive experience proportional to the $SPICE spent.

  • Influence on voting: with $SPICE, you can assign bribes for votes in the DAO.

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