NFT-CoA (Q4 2024)

Mint on demand, the cost is equal to the stake size

Important Note: The Stake-to-Play feature will be integrated into Astea in Q4 2024. Until then, the game is only available in Free-to-Play mode, and all players can receive rewards.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms is an NFT item that serves as the player's game account and proof of their status. By depositing a stake of a certain size, players gain access to all game activities and starting assets.

An NFT saving progress

The Coat of Arms is a transferable object that preserves game progress, player's Estate and accumulates the important game resource called FYRE. When the stake is introduced and the Coat of Arms is minted, FYRE starts accumulating in the NFT contract, with a maximum limit for each Coat of Arms account.

Ownership of Multiple Coats of Arms

Players can own multiple Coats of Arms on a single wallet, but they can only play with one Coat of Arms at a time. Active participation in expeditions to the Inner Worlds and interactions with other players act as a natural barrier to prevent the use of multiple accounts by one player.

NFT Burning and Stake Return

Players have the option to return their invested stake by burning the NFT Coat of Arms. When burned, all accumulated achievements and FYRE disappear permanently. Alternatively, players can sell the Coat of Arms with its saved progress on any NFT marketplace.

Gameplay Aspect

FYRE serves as a measure of energy in gameplay, determining the player's Rank, the maximum number of simultaneously equipped Heroes, the quantity of units and buildings in the Inner Worlds, the ability to participate in Guilds and Alliances, and the state of the player's Estate.

Advantage in Game Progress

The amount of FYRE available to a player has a significant impact on their game progress, particularly at the beginning. Early participants with larger initial stakes, longer stake age, specific types of Coats of Arms, and favorable Hero decks enjoy advantageous conditions for development and expansion.

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