Hero Breeding

Unique dynastic system

The player has the opportunity to establish their own Dynasty through NFT Hero breeding. Utilizing the heritage system, a unique NFT character of the next generation can be born, inheriting the class, skills, and some stats from its parents. The prosperity of the player's Dynasty directly impacts their assets, benefits from Guilds and Factions membership, the profitability of their Domains, and various other aspects.

Breeding is possible between two unrelated NFT characters of opposite sexes, with a limited number of breedings. Each subsequent generation produces NFT characters with slightly lower stats compared to their parents. For instance, first-generation Heroes have a Stamina pool that limits their maximum number of deployments and actions before requiring rest.

The breeding process is governed by the lowest fertility value of the parent NFTs, with each breeding depleting this fertility. Additionally, a certain amount of $AQUA tokens is required for the one-time expenditure during breeding.

Breeding Heroes from different generations results in an Heir of the generation following the oldest parent. The Heir's class is randomly selected from the parent's classes, and they inherit several abilities, including one of their parent's class abilities. Starting stats are primarily determined by heredity.

Each NFT character's smart contract contains information about their "parents" and "descendants," with blockchain records verifying their relatedness, including minting data, hereditary traits, and transferability. The combination of different classes and hereditary stats offers advantages that can lead to player success. An Heir can provide significant tactical superiority, increase ecosystem bonuses, or generate profits from trading on the marketplace.

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