Important note: Stake-to-play will be integrated in Q4 2024. Before the transition, FYRE reflects an equal troop limit for all players.

FYRE is a non-transferable strategic resource in the game that determines the player's rank and governs the deployment of troops in the Inner Worlds. It is essential for the functioning of all living and mechanical entities within the game.

To construct buildings and produce resources in Outposts, FYRE is required. The size of the territory directly affects the amount of FYRE needed. Additionally, FYRE is necessary to provide instructions to Followers and enable transportation.

The player has a specific amount of FYRE at their disposal, which can be allocated as needed. When used for heating territories or supporting Followers, the available FYRE temporarily decreases. However, when the player decides to cease heating a territory or supporting Followers, the FYRE returns to their control.

It is crucial to ensure a sufficient supply of FYRE, as troops and Heroes without FYRE freeze, and become vulnerable to attacks from monsters and other players and may face death.

FYRE purpose:

  1. Balance: The limit on simultaneous deployment of NFT troops in a specific territory ensures a level playing field for players of different levels. It prevents overpowering by restricting the number of troops a player can deploy, promoting fair competition.

  2. Encouraging cooperation: Certain aspects of the game require more FYRE than can be obtained by a single player. This encourages players to collaborate and strategize together, pooling their FYRE resources to achieve common goals.

  3. Diverse strategies: The FYRE limitation prompts players to consider not only the composition of their NFT-Hero deck but also the specialization of their Outpost. They must carefully allocate FYRE resources to balance their military, trade, and industry strategies, fostering strategic thinking and decision-making.

  4. Reflecting rank: The amount of FYRE a player possesses correlates with their rank in the game. Higher ranks indicate greater experience, progress, and potential for development. FYRE serves as a reflection of a player's rank, representing their achievements and advancement within the game.

Obtaining mechanism

The mechanisms of obtaining FYRE for Lords and Knights are different.


FYRE serves as a reward bestowed by the Emperor in recognition of loyalty to the Empire. Lords who contribute a minimum of X USDT worth of native PoS blockchain token to the Imperial Core receive an NFT Coat-of arms. The position and status of the owner within the Empire depend on the amount of FYRE earned, which is determined by merits to the Empire (game achievements) and loyalty to the Emperor (stake size and duration).

The maximum FYRE that can be obtained for a single NFT coat of arms is 50, with 35 being based on stake size and duration, and 15 being based on game achievements. The accrual of FYRE follows a logarithmic function, with the growth rate being highest at the beginning and gradually decreasing over time.

Regardless of the stake size, the starting FYRE amount for all coat of arms is the same, but the growth rate is influenced by the size of the stake. For example, it would take approximately 60 days to reach 35 FYRE for a X USDT worth stake, while a 10X USDT worth stake would achieve the same amount in just 20 days.


Knights, individuals of noble lineage who have not yet acquired a title, do not have access to Imperial FYRE. They receive a standard modest amount of FYRE initially, and have the option to temporarily increase it by permanently sacrificing their Followers, resources, and buildings.

Noble Lords are prohibited from obtaining FYRE through such means, as it goes against their privileged status.

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