Astea Heroes of Generation Zero

2222 unique firstborn Heroes

Freedom of actions

Heroes of Generation Zero are a collection of 2222 hand-drawn NFT-heroes distinguished by their exclusive appearance, pure lineage, and exceptional abilities.

  • They have infinite stamina, allowing players to equip and utilize them for extended periods without stamina limitations.

  • Owners of Generation Zero Heroes enjoy early access to all of Astea's products, granting them an advantage in exploring and experiencing new content.

  • These Heroes come with special in-game benefits, providing unique advantages and opportunities within the game world.

  • Generation Zero Heroes have highly advanced AI capabilities compared to their descendants, making them more adept and effective in various gameplay scenarios.

  • Breeding of Generation Zero Heroes offers favorable starting conditions, facilitating the production of new generations with desirable traits and characteristics.

Heroes of Generation Zero are categorized into different classes, which determine their specialization, unique set of abilities, and game statistics. Each class offers a distinct playstyle and strategic advantage.

As the owners of Generation Zero Heroes, players will hold the exclusive role of supplying new generations of Heroes. Breeding Generation Zero Heroes is the only method to produce new Heroes. While there may be occasional sales of additional Heroes to introduce new traits, these sales will be closely monitored to avoid inflation or devaluation of existing Generation Zero Heroes. The goal is to maintain the value and uniqueness of the Generation Zero Heroes within the game ecosystem.

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