NFT Equipment

Additions to existing NFT assets

Players have the ability to craft NFT equipment within the game, which can be equipped on their Heroes to enhance their abilities. Alternatively, they can choose to sell the equipment on the NFT marketplace for other players to acquire.

Why do you need equipment?

With each successive generation of Astea Heroes, their stats gradually decrease. However, this decline can be offset by equipping them with NFT equipment. The equipment provides temporary stat boosts to the Heroes and helps counterbalance the effects of inflation and the deterioration of the Heroes' gene pool over time. Additionally, the equipment is subject to wear and tear, requiring periodic maintenance or replacement.


Crafting is the method used to create equipment in the game. It involves combining specific resources, utilising production buildings, and employing Mentat Heroes. This process encourages players to form Guilds and Alliances in order to manage and protect intricate production chains.

NFT equipment represents a distinct category of items that synergise with other NFT assets within the game, such as Heroes, Mounts, and Worlds. Initially, the game will feature a collection of NFT equipment created by the Astea team.

However, in the future, additional NFT collections crafted by talented artists and projects from the community will be introduced. Further details regarding how equipment interacts with different asset types will be provided at a later stage.

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